I create figurative assemblages from found objects with a particular interest in using materials from historic sites. I live in a recently restored 1880 cotton mill village called Glencoe, near Burlington, NC. It is a treasure trove of industrial waste and castoffs from history! I have collected barrels and boxes full of scrap metal, wood, ceramic, paper, glass, and plastic from the ground, from under old houses, from the river, and from deserted mill buildings. My friends and neighbors contribute toward cleaning up the environment by donating their discards to me in piles on my front porch. I gather oddments from metal recyclers, junk car yards, thrift shops, flea markets, and roadside discard piles.

Many of my works are focused on “save-the-earth” or “celebrating earth” themes, and often include globes or maps. Ideas often spring from song lyrics or titles or from the various found objects themselves. Using wood, metal, plastic, glass shards, and LOTS of screws, bolts, Apoxy Sculpt, Liquid Nails, and epoxy glue, I mainly design human figures but also create some animals as garden sculptures. Click the link below to see pictures of some of my works.

Please contact me for prices. I can create pieces to order similar to the examples shown on this site, or am happy to do custom work. If you would like to visit my studio in my historic home, email to set up an appointment. The email here is recycledfolks@gmail.com.

If you would like to know more about Glencoe Mill Village, check out these websites:

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